Road Transport

Road transport remains the fastest and at the same time the most flexible way for distribution of goods. Our department of Road Transport is addressed to those enterprises that have the need to move abroad and reverse, from a small package up to a full truck load. Our company transports in a weekly base full loads and part loads (groupage), to and from all European countries, but we are mainly specialized on Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden), the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Ireland), BENELUX (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg) and of course Germany and Italy.


  Specifically our services of road transport include:

Evaluation, transport planning & information provision.

Selected network of our agents abroad, who offer direct collection and loading of cargo, aiming to door-to-door transportation and final delivery to the customer.

Support of our truck fleet, which consists of permanent occupied trucks, on round trip basis.

Αller /Retour.

Drivers, with wide experience of work on the international routes, who are equipped with the newest communication system that allows us to have direct contact with them and monitor each single shipment individually, at any time, from the collection up to the delivery.

Use of trucks with loading capacity from 80 to 110 cbm. On request other types of trucks (mega trailer with 3m height,) can be supplied on certain routes.

CMR Insurance the cost of which is covered by our company.

Carriage of dangerous goods (ADR)

Since its founding until today, GR SAMSON has seen exponential growth and has become synonymous to safe and fast transport of goods to and from all Europe. At the same time, it has developed an exceptional network of agents, which ensures speed, consistency, safety and reliability in all kinds of freight transport.

We shall remain always happy to provide you any information about the cargo you trusted on us.

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