In our privately own warehouse in Thessaloniki we have created a total Logistics package which includes the storage, management and distribution of goods.
Our Logistics department is based on the supply chain management of our customers. It organizes and checks the efficient and effective flow and storage of products, from their point of origin until their point of consumption.
Our aim is to develop and provide completed and specialized Logistics services, which can add value on our client’s operations and they help them to reach their own customers, with the right product in the right time, in the right place and in the desirable cost.


Our company’s Logistics department includes the following services:

Receipt of goods

Receipt of goods from containers or international and domestic transport trucks, quantitative counting, quality checking, sorting and placement, importing into WMS, issuing import documents.


The goods are stored and managed via wireless communication with the WMS system. Their placement in the warehouse depends on their type and packaging (pallets, boxes, parcels, barrels). Depending on how we receive the goods, we choose the safest storage method that is appropriate in each case.

Manipulating of goods

The goods are managed using WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) and wireless communication systems. Depending on product characteristics, we use the FIFO (first in – first out) or the LIFO (last in – first out) system. For susceptible products with expiration dates we use the FEFO system (first expired –first out)

Order picking management

Orders are received by email, or with a specific on line connection process. Order preparation (picking) is done by using wireless scanners (RF) and is completed by updating the WMS system.

Management of ready orders

A final check of goods is carried out, ready orders are loaded into delivery trucks, followed by the issue of the documents that will be accompanying the orders.

Packaging Management

Managing packaging that may be needed, product unpacking, repacking, labeling.

Distribution of goods

Through an organized transport network and by utilizing specific timetables, we manage the delivery of our customers’ goods to Thessaloniki and its surroundings as well as the rest of Greece. We are equipped with a wide range of vehicles (trailers, semi-trailers, full-trailers, three-axle trucks and small trucks) which are loaded daily, with the potential of delivering on the same day.

On line customer connection – B2B

Our customers have the possibility to receive information related to their goods, statistics per code, accounting reports, daily documents (Delivery note – Receive note) etc.

Manipulation of return products

Management of damage and return products, destruction, return to suppliers, management of empty pallets.


All Risk goods insurance.



With our 30 years of experience in the field, the specialized knowledge and the constant updating in order to offer the most contemporary services, we got the confidence to promise that together we can find the most advantageous solution for you.


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