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GR SAMSON’s ERP manages and coordinates all of the company’s operations and procedures, as it is constantly updated in real-time with all necessary information. At the same time, the ERP’s structure includes modules such as: Financial Management, Storage-Distribution, Pricing-Costing, Sales – Marketing etc.


The main advantages it offers are:


Accurate information for the entire company.
Increased productivity and efficiency.
Deliveries carried out as quickly and economically as possible.
Cost reduction, improvement of services provided, which lead to increased profits for our customers.
On line connection to our agents for information exchange.


In practice, by using ERP we generally improve the overall coordination of all supply chain processes with you and your customers.




The IT infrastructure of our company’s warehouse includes a unified Warehouse Management System (WMS), based on which all Logistics procedures have been configured, with the use of wireless terminals (RF). This software offers connectivity to the ERP system, which allows us to offer high-quality services which meet our customers’ needs.


The main advantages we gain with its use include:

Automation of goods management procedures.

Correct receipt of products.

On line monitoring of their transport inside the warehouse.

Reduction in product tracking time and the generation of orders.

Accurate depiction of the individual needs of each business.

Electronic updating of data regarding customers and the warehouse.

Increased warehouse staff productivity.

Improved storage space utilization.

On line dispatcher connection — B2B.

Fast and flexible product inventory.



Increased competition combined with increased customer demands for high quality services, has led modern logistics companies to find new tools capable of responding to the market’s latest challenges. One of these is the use of GPS. GR SAMSON has the ability to track shipments en route via satellite on behalf of its customers, resulting in the automation of transport procedures, minimizing cost and delivery times, and, consequently, enhanced customer satisfaction.



With our 30 years of experience in the field, the specialized knowledge and the constant updating in order to offer the most contemporary services, we got the confidence to promise that together we can find the most advantageous solution for you.


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