Rail Transport

In our days, Rail transport is one of the safest and most economical means of transport. Considering the ever rising fuel cost which affects the trucking rates, rail transport has become a viable and cost – effective alternative for many types of cargo. Especially, in large volumes of cargo the savings on costs can be significant.

In order to follow this new trend and to maximize the utilization of our facilities, we have implemented their direct connection to the national rail network of OSE. This provides us with a unique advantage that sets us apart. The ability to directly unload an entire train set directly into our warehouse, so that we can also provide rail transport services in the future.



Our services of Rail Transport will include:

Rail freight to and from all Europe. Intermodal services. Combination of the two modes of transport, rail and road. Train and truck are linked in such a way that their respective advantages are exploited to the full.

Unloading of wagons directly to our warehouse and then reloading on distribution vehicles for delivery to the final receiver.

Offering of the appropriate equipment, from an individual wagon to a complete train.

Some of the advantages of rail transport are:

For businesses:

For society:

Economical transport (less fuel and shorter driving times).

Reduced risk of damage to goods during transport.

Accuracy regarding delivery times, due to planned departures and arrival timetables.

Improved road safety.

Reduction in road traffic volume (fewer trucks on the road).

Reduction in air and noise pollution, along with a reduction in the consumption of non-renewable energy sources.

Noise reduction.

Environmentally friendly.



With our 30 years of experience in the field, the specialized knowledge and the constant updating in order to offer the most contemporary services, we got the confidence to promise that together we can find the most advantageous solution for you.


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